Red Horse Media / 赤马传媒

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Room 207,Building 3, No. 697, Ling Shi Road

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The predecessor of Red Horse is film production department of 71 group set up in 2006,We operated independently in 2010 with a lot of experience of short movie, viral video, tvc, and cooperate video production and have produced over hundred viral videos, tvcs , short movie and cooperate videos within six years. We have served many international and domestic famous brands and have a plenty of film production resources with mature production level and high efficiency execution ability. We can provide a full professional range of film production services from creative script, to shooting and editing.

Our team consist of senior advertising people, producers and new directors from international 4A agencies. Their average working experiences is over 10 years. Red Horse’s vision is to bring good and influential content to the market.



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  • Shanghai / 上海


    Room 207,Building 3, No. 697, Ling Shi Road

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