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Room 423,No351 Zhaohua Rd.

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+86 21 6167 1389

Steam Films in Shanghai is a professional production company for advertising films. We found this studio on the basis of our 10-year experience in producing advertising films, and take high-quality production as our standard.

We attach importance to creative thinking, and seek the best implementation program with our delicate and rigorous working attitude, enjoying the pleasure of creation, and are committed to hight quality which is always our first priority.

We are good at carrying out or challenging difficult production and interesting ideas, equipped with multiple sets of professional production team and many directors. Based on our accumulated shooting experience in China, we also introduce the concept, talents, technologies and equipments from the international professional production, and then innovate our production methods, combining with our local particularity in China, to create our unique film features.

We have served many clients including: Johnnie Walker, Tsingtao Brewery, OPPO, LEXY (KingClean Electric Co., Ltd.), Red Star Macalline, RIO Wine, Wyeth, Shanghai Volkswagen, Johnson, Dulux, McDonald’s, PROYA, Centrum, Industrial Bank Co., Ltd. and Funshion Online, etc.




我们服务过的客户主要有:Johnnie Walker ,青岛啤酒,OPPO,莱客电器,红星美凯龙,RIO酒业,惠氏,上海大众,强生,多乐士,麦当劳,珀莱雅,善存,兴业银行,风行网等。

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  • Shanghai / 上海

    Room 423,No351 Zhaohua Rd.


Shanghai / 上海

Room 423,No351 Zhaohua Rd.


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