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Final Frontier终极先锋是一家位于上海的制作公司,业务强项在各式各样的动画,包括二维,三维,定格动画和混合媒体,还有角色设计和插画。在国内和国外,我们拥有一个经过整编和不断拓展的获奖工作室及导演团队。

我们是一家年轻机智的公司,制作独特的、出众的产品,旨在给市场带来全新的理念。2018这一年,我们带来了像是耐克中国的《Road to HBL》,优步的《Year With Uber》和丽思卡尔顿的《Back to The Stars》这样的获奖动画以及互动作品。想在这福气满满的猪年里帮我们创造出更出色的动画作品吗?

Final Frontier is a Shanghai-based production company specialized in animation of all forms, working with a roster and extended network of world-class studios and directors overseas and within China.

We are a young company producing a unique, premium product. In 2018, we brought award-wining animated and interactive projects like Nike China’s Road to HBL, Year With Uber, and Back to The Stars for Ritz-Carlton to life.  Want to help us create more beautiful animation in the Year of The Pig?

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