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Filmplexe specialise in advertising production.

We have worked with many excellent directors and director of photography from China, France, Germany, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other Southeast Asia countries.

In addition, we provide production support and services to overseas production companies or teams.

No matter how big the project, or how much the budget, our experienced Executive Producers manage every single project. Our Executive Producers have many years of experience filming in China, coupled with excellent industry work ethic. With our skill-set and experience, we are able to better communicate with directors, agencies, and clients.

With our professionalism, we can accurately identify current trend and style in order to better provide our clients the best creative direction. Filmplexe has the ability to create beautiful visual that is both exciting and creative.

We strive to excel in cutting edge innovation, creative execution with our professionalism. We sincerely thank every customer that believes in the concept of creating visual art that generate commercial value. We also applaud the sacrifice and participation of every creative director in allowing us the opportunity to partner with them.

Filmplexe 的工作主要集中在影视广告的拍摄与制作。我们曾经与来自中国大陆,法国,德国,台湾,香港以及亚洲其他国家的众多优秀导演/摄影师广泛合作,更为境外摄制组提供制作的服务。

无论案子的规模大小,预算多少,每个工作项目都是由公司的资深监制来统筹制作的。这些资深监制不仅有丰富的国内制作经验,也有丰富的海外作业经验。 这种多元的文化优势可以有效地缩小导演与代理商及客户的距离,甚至让相互间的关系更加紧密。

精准的专业判断加上精确的影片导向判断力, 引领我们在影片制作范围里,提供优质可靠的服务。

Filmplexe 的能力在于创造完美品质的影像,我们的理念并非实现创意,而是让影像中的创意更为精彩。



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Shanghai / 上海

Rm 102, Bldg 2, 425 Yanping Rd, Jing'an District

市静安区延平路425号2幢102室 邮编:200042

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