Benetone Films

Primary Address:
21/10 Soi Ruamrudee 1, Ploenchit Rd., Lumpini, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Primary Email:

Primary Phone:
+66 634742931

Job 职位 Description: 职位描述:

1. develop new business and find prospects who ARE looking to shoot with Benetone Films in Thailand, Europe or the US.

拓展新业务,为Benetone Films在泰国、欧洲、美国寻找有潜在拍摄需求的客户

2. Responsible for effective communication and CLOSING DEALS with customers.


3. Maintain and establish customer relationships and be responsible for the realization of potential and extended customer needs. 客户关系搭建及维护,负责实现客户的潜在商业需求及扩展需求 4. Comprehensive analysis of competitors. 全面分析竞争公司 5. Communicate closely and proactively with Thai headquarter office. 与泰国总部积极紧密沟通 Requirements: 职位要求: 1. Understanding all aspects of TVC production is a must; Must have worked in a TVC Production house or Advertising Agency before. Sales and business development background preferred 必须通晓电视广告制作的方方面面,必须有电视广告制作公司或广告公司工作经验。销售背景及业务拓展背景尤佳 2. Strong expressive ability, interpersonal skills, and mature negotiation skills 表达能力强,人际交往能力强,谈判技能成熟 3. Have a favorable relationship with TVC production company, agency, and product client in China 与中国电视广告公司、广告机构及客户关系良好 4. Bilingual preferred, international production experience is a plus 双语者优先,有国际制作相关经验者尤佳

> Key Contacts

  • Rachvin Narula
    +66 87 596 5444
  • Kulthep Narula
    +66 81 824 6263

> Employees

    Account Executive
    +66 63 474 2931

> Locations

  • Bangkok

    21/10 Soi Ruamrudee 1, Ploenchit Rd., Lumpini, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

  • Los Angeles

    3030 Nebraska Suite 204, Santa Monica, CA 90404, USA

  • Krakow

    ul. Karmelicka 27/9 31-131, Kraków, Poland