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751 Yichang Lu, Room B202

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+86 021 - 5175 1012

image unit is an international company with industry experience and local market intimacy. Our focus is on design and creation of visual content and high-end CGI for commercials, events and movies. The image unit facilities are located in Shanghai, China, and in Stuttgart, Germany, serving clients all over the world.
We are looking for Motion Designers / Motion Graphics Artists (AE/C4D) to strengthen our Editing / Motion Graphics department in Shanghai. Good knowledge of AE and C4D is required, as well as sufficient English communication skills. If you are interested, please apply to
动画设计师 image unit 是一家国际公司,我们有着丰富的行业经验并与本土市场有着紧密地合作。我 们注重于设计和视觉内容,高端CGI和可视化的创建。 我们的工作室分别位于中国的上海和德国的斯图加特,为全球的客户提供优质的服务。 我们上海工作室正在寻找优秀人才加入: 动画设计师
能熟练运用AE和C4D,以及足够的英语沟通能力。 如果你有兴趣,请发应聘资料到: 请注明您的年龄和薪水要求,并附上你的作品及本人的照片,(附件大小在5MB以内或者发可以下 载的有效链接.)

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  • Shanghai / 上海

    751 Yichang Lu, Room B202


  • Stuttgart

    Teckstr. 61
    70190 Stuttgart