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Wondering Media brings precise, actionable marketing strategy to creativity and art, producing works that enable a dialogue between the brand and public. Through context-sensitive digital analysis and brand advantage decoding, Wondering Media builds a new digital ecosystem for the brand, integrating strategic positioning, native advertising, KPI Plus-driven planning and other services.

Focusing on human insights, Wondering Media acts as an «emotional translator» between the brand and its audience. The agency has a diverse portfolio of cases that successfully engage with consumers including Pechoin, 999, Zhihu, Tencent, Huawei Honor, Watson’s, NetEase Games, Kugou, CATL, Minsheng Bank, San Ke Shu and other industries’ leaders.
In addition, Wondering Media’s pioneering cloud production platform allows superior quality control over the entire process for each client.

From 2017 to 2019, the total number of engagement and views of the company’s projects exceeded 3 billion, winning over 150 government and industry awards.

舞刀弄影,将精准实战的营销策略赋予创意和艺术,用作品构建起品牌与大众对话的桥梁。通过网络语境分析与品牌优势基因解读,综合互联网策略定位、品牌IP化、原生内容广告、KPI Plus赋能计划等产品,为品牌构建互联网营销新生态。

专注人性洞察,做品牌与大众之间“情感翻译官”, 为百雀羚、999、知乎、腾讯、华为荣耀、屈臣氏、网易游戏、酷狗音乐、宁德时代、民生银行、三棵树等行业领先品牌打造诸多刷屏级爆款案例。 舞刀弄影首创先进的云制片平台,为每一个客户实现高品质的全流程品控,为效果负责。


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