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我们生来是讲故事的人。我们所有的作品都来自这样一个信念:「 没有糟糕的故事,只有不用心的讲述者。」 / 我们用笑脸和泪水讲真情,用皱纹和斑驳讲岁月, / 用紧咬的牙关讲忍耐,用凝视的双眼讲渴望,我们用蒙太奇讲理想, / 用长镜头讲现实,我们用好奇心讲悬念,用爱心讲温情,用无厘头讲幽默, / 用野心讲勇气。 / 我们用宣传片讲,用广告片讲, / 用独立电影讲, / 用纪录片讲,用音乐电视片讲…… / 正因为我们不是上帝,无法改变人心,才要用菲林和镜头, / 小心翼翼地摄取出每个故事里珍贵的颤音, / 让所有看过的人,找回心底久违的共鸣。

We are born to tell stories. That’s why all our works believe in one faith: there is no bad story, but only bad teller. We use laughs and tears to tell emotions. Use wrinkles and debris to tell ages. Use clenched teeth to tell patience. Use staring eyes to tell hunger. We use montage to tell dreams.  Use long take to tell reality. Use curiosity to tell mystery. Use love to tell tenderness. Use nonsense to tell humor. Use ambition to tell courage. We use trailers to tell. Use commercials to tell. Use independent films to tell. Use documentaries to tell. And use music videos to tell…  Since we are not God who can change people’s mind, we turn to be good at using films and lenses to take out the key note from every story. Let everyone who sees it find back his long lost resonance.

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