Red Whiskers Visual Effect Production / 上海希影数码制作有限公司

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上海希影数码制作有限公司 成立于2013年,位于苏州河南岸一栋历史悠久的古建筑里。
RED WHISKERS VISUAL EFFECT PRODUCTION Founded in 2013, it is located in a historic building on the south bank of the Suzhou River.

We are not a traditional post-company, but a visual effect company.

不仅局限于动画、三维、特效等影像制作。还是集创意、设计及执行为一体的全方位视效公司。制作范围包括:电视广 告、影视后期、网络广告、电影等.

Not limited to animation, 3D, special effects and other video production. It is also a full-scale visual effects company that integrates creativity, design and execution. Production scope includes: TV commercials, post-production, online advertising, movies, etc.