Ogilvy China / 奥美中国

Primary Address:
8/F, WPP Campus, 399 Hengfeng Road

Primary Phone:
+86 (10) 8520 6688


通过big ideaL, 我们能够定位品牌的市场目标。而对于创意和实效“双峰”的坚持,确保了每一场营销战的创造力和有效性。此外,我们还拥有整合营销的专利工具——FUSION,它能够帮助客户的品牌在复杂多变的市场中有效穿行。


We are in the business of building strong and lasting brands, allowing our clients – a network of powerful international and Chinese companies – to sell their products. In short, we make brands matter in an increasingly fragmented and cluttered digital world.

We do this by utilizing a variety of tools. The big ideaL helps us zero in on a brand’s purpose. Twin Peaks puts emphasis on both creativity and effectiveness in every campaign strategy. We also have a patented integrated marketing communications framework called FUSION, which helps us and our clients navigate brands in a complex landscape.

We aspire to be the most local of the internationals, and the most international of the locals.

We serve Fortune Global 500 companies as well as local businesses through our network of more than 450 offices across 120 countries. In China, we have more than 3,000 professionals across a range of expertise to ensure we have an intimate knowledge of the industries we serve and the people our companies are selling to.

> Key Contacts

  • Graham Fink
    Chief Creative Officer
  • Francis Wee
    Executive Creative Director

> Employees

  • Eric Lai
    Head of TV
    +86 159 2154 4466
  • Victor Hou
    Group Account Director
    +8621 2405 0634

> Locations

  • Shanghai / 上海

    8/F, WPP Campus, 399 Hengfeng Road


  • Beijing / 北京

    9/F, Huali Building, 58 Jinbao Street


  • Guangzhou / 广州

    3/F, 191,195 East Binjiang Road