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Future+ Media是首家跨媒体传播代理公司,我们不仅是一家代理公司,为客户提供优质的品牌发展方案与升级策略支持,从TVC广告创意到高端活动体验营销服务。我们仍是一家拥有自主商业品牌媒体频道Future+ Channel的传媒机构。无论是创意、制作、执行,我们都将在全方位赋予您的品牌:用“创造”领先一步的理念。
Future+ Channel 是一个内容缔造者,我们也是一家商业媒体。在这里,我们将陆续推出各类F+独家原创IP栏目和各类病毒视频。上乘的内容制作搭配更新变革的广告营销手段,这一切,都只将通过Future+ Channel媒体频道全网发布。 Future+ Channel的视频内容将更专注于公司化运营制作高质量、高标准、独特且有吸引力的原创视频内容,高净值的国内外用户加优质的广告主,将会成为Future+ Channel未来最为重要的目标受众群体。

Future+ Media is an experiential marketing & advertising agency, providing solutions for business development and brand strategy. We offer creative concepts, event design, TVC creative, and anything else you need to expand your brand, plus more. Our name reflects our commitment to provide more than just the basics, to build the extraordinary, to always go the extra distance and help our clients think ahead.
Future+ Channel will be a content platform, acting as an owned media channel for Future+’s exclusive IPs and original videos. The channel will be focused on attracting high-income audiences both in China and abroad with distinctive and engaging original content.

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  • Sharon Q
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  • Ivan Wu

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    Yuyuan Rd 1265, F2, Changning District