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We provide professional production services for overseas companies and productions coming to China and Asia generally. We also provide production services to local client shooting in China and Asia.

Bi-lingual, Shanghai resident executive producer Pauline Sun was one of the first internationally trained and experienced crew who returned to China with her vast overseas and local knowledge. Her exacting nature, international experience and “Can Do” mindset makes Pauline one of the few capable Executive Producers in China. She has worked as line producer with many foreign productions in China over the years. Pauline’s experience as an Executive Producer has spanned the following sectors with local clients and agencies:


双语监制Pauline Sun是最早一批接受了国际化的训练和学习,并且在行业中积累了丰富经验的影视专业人员。她的严谨性格,国际经验以及勇于尝试的态度,在国内监制中独树一帜。国内广告作品类型包括:


  • Automotive Industry cars and commercial vehicles 汽车
  • Fashion and beauty 时尚和美容
  • FMCG products and financial services 快销产品和金融


Flyover Films is a bridge, a connection between East and West in both concept and execution. Our office is located in an old building in the former French concession area of Shanghai.

Flyover Films welcomes you for a visit, or simply come and enjoy the peaceful vibe and sunshine in our beautiful garden.


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    103 No.1365 Middle Fu Xing Rd 200031

    上海市复兴中路1365号103室 200031