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Our strength is that we know how to appreciate and utilize the vast resources of Talents from all over the world. We integrated the pool of Creative and Production Talents from local China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Asia Pacific Region, Europe and the United States and developed into a highly cost efficient and effective production, producing outstanding work at an international level.

彩田社在北京、上海、台北,两岸三地汇聚超过50位专业制作团队,成员由 监制、创意、导演、制片、摄影、美术、后期特效共同组成, 核心管理人员均有20年以上专业影视广告经验。制作团队工作足跡片及整个大中华区,除此之外也经常与韩国、泰国、新加坡、捷克、西班牙、英国、冰岛等,国际专业团队携手协作。

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