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1F building, 2-3, 23 Shao Xing Road

We are a creative agency obsessed with making your brand more valuable.

We started in London in 1982 and our first ad for Levi’s showed a herd of white sheep looking in one direction and one black sheep looking up and out in the opposite direction. This picture was accompanied by a simple statement that read ‘When the world zigs, zag’.

That belief in difference – zagging – is how we change brands and businesses.

Zagging wins customers and share. It helps you outmanoeuvre your competitors. It makes your marketing more efficient.

Whether you need transformational brand strategy, communications, digital experiences or more valuable relationships with your customers – we are ready to take your brief.

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  • Michelle Chow
  • Kelly Pon
    Art Director
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    1F building, 2-3, 23 Shao Xing Road