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Room 305, 71 West Suzhou Rd, 200041
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There is a fantastic story to tell about almost anything, be it a product, an organization or an event – they are rich in color, details and have a unique history. We make meaningful content that celebrates people and their creations, beliefs and aspirations. We tell stories that become the talk of the day and leave a mark.



ARMA is a full service media consultancy and production company, dedicated to providing innovative commercial and documentary solutions for multiple platforms. We work with some of the most advanced technologies in the market, enabling our clients to expand their global reach through new media applications and unique content creation. Founded in China in 2010, ARMA specializes in the Chinese market. We provide multi-lingual services and reach more audiences than ever, worldwide.

ARMA是一家提供全方位媒体咨询及媒体制作服务的公司,旨在为多平台提供极具创意的商业及纪录片方案。我们运用当前市场上最尖端的创新技术,通过最新媒体应用程序以及富有创意的内容设计,协助客户共同完成拓展全球市场的目标。ARMA 于2010年在中国成立,主要面向中国市场。我们为客户提供多语言服务,并以前所未有的广度触及全球各地的受众群。

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    Room 305, 71 West Suzhou Rd, 200041

    市西苏州路71号305室 邮编200041