Epic Voice-Over Fail? | 史诗般的旁白配音是败笔吗?

We recently encountered a spectacular commercial film that had been produced in Shanghai, Xinjiang and Paris and employed cutting-edge visual effects. Why, we wondered, after going to such lengths to achieve an original, creative visual result, did this ad, like … »

French Creatives Looking Ahead 100 Years | 法国创意展望未来100年

Fred & Farid New York has created a campaign film for LOUIS XIII cognac that won’t be seen in its entirety for 100 years. 佛海佛瑞纽约为路易十三干邑打造了一部宣传电影,完整的影片将会在100年后呈现给大众。 Entitled 100 Years: The Movie You Will Never See, the film was written by and … »

SHP+’s Favorite China Ads from 2014 | SHP+ 2014年度最喜爱的影视广告

Our choice of good ads in China, from emotional storytelling to humour, car commercials to the best PSAs, SHP+ picks their favourites from the year in Chinese advertising. , See it yourself here...跨完年还念着去年的好事?是的,从故事片到喜剧片、从汽车到公益,我们已经挑选好一大批精品国货拿出来晒晒。大家快来围观吧。 … »

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