CNY Gala Vs The Super Bowl! | 春晚VS超级碗

The Chinese advertising industry used to focus so much on marketing strategy that clever ideas and creativity were often drowned in low production quality.  At times, even the most expensive airtime in the world – during the Chinese New Year … »

You can’t have ghosts in a Chinese movie, and other confusing myths about Chinese censorship | 关于中国电检制度一些令人困惑的讹传,例如中国电影中不能出现鬼

Lei David Chen is a Creative Executive for Gwantsi, a leading TVC production company based in Shanghai, China Lei David Chen是上海领先影像制作观池影视的创意总监 Part of my job is working with overseas filmmakers whose creative tendencies obviously steer toward western sensibilities. Thus a question … »

Does China Like Christmas Ads? | 中国人喜欢圣诞广告吗?

Christmas commercials are like mince pies or roast parsnips.  At this time of year, whether we like it or not, we are forced to consume an unreasonable quantity of them.   Some are brussel-sprout-offensive.  Others are pig-in-blanket-delicious.  Here we offer you … »

Epic Voice-Over Fail? | 史诗般的旁白配音是败笔吗?

We recently encountered a spectacular commercial film that had been produced in Shanghai, Xinjiang and Paris and employed cutting-edge visual effects. Why, we wondered, after going to such lengths to achieve an original, creative visual result, did this ad, like … »

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