​Weekly AD|荣耀HONOR x 赤马传媒 RedHorse Media x 卞秉彬

   CREDITS 制片团队  Client客户: HONOR 荣耀 Agency代理商: 阳狮 Production House制作公司: Red Horse Film 赤马传媒 EP 监制: 吴玉琪 Producers制片: 张旭 韩通 Director导演: 卞秉彬 DoP摄影指导: 冯晨光 1Asistant director 副导演: 李柔臻 Art Director美术指导: 张雅婷 Gaffer 灯光: 石头 Editor剪辑师: 江顺 Color调色: 丁师傅 Post Producer 后期制片: 吴玉琪 Sound Effect & Mixing 声音效果&混音: BW   Last Weekly AD 上周广告: Weekly … »

​Weekly AD|JUICE NETWORK x MOD 茂田 x 刘亚当

   CREDITS 制片团队  Client 客户: BMW 宝马 Agency 代理商: JUICE NETWORK Production House 制作公司: MOD 茂田 Executive Producer 监制:Mike Wang Director 导演:刘亚当 DoP 摄影指导: 梁忠强 /陈渊 1st Assistant director 第一副导演:Berniechui Production designer 美术指导: 唐峥 Stylist 造型指导:李孟南 Editor 剪辑师: 宋暘 /小席 Color 调色: MPC Post House 后期制作:  Live Plus … »

Female Perspectives: DIRECTOR Zhao Dan’s Power From Within

SHP+ continues on the issue of minor representation of female filmmakers in China. Women’s Perspectives is a series of articles where we interview women filmmakers to give exposure to their name and their work, but also talk about their dreams, … »


 CREDITS 制片团队  Brand 品牌:BMW Agency 代理商:TBWA Production House 制作公司:MIDAS FILMS EP 监制:郭大伟 Producer 监制助理:高倩玮、大迎 Director 导演:魏宁 DoP 摄影指导:梁子 ARRI TRINITY:Lucanojr(意大利) TC 调色:Nikola Stefanovic( MPC ) Gaffer 灯光师:陶磊(新疆)、黄军(上海)、颜万军(北京) Art Director 美术指导:任捷文 Composer 作曲:Audioforce(德国) VFX:T1 STUDIO Editor 剪辑:魏宁 DIT:戚轩睿(新疆、北京)、SHI-史(上海) Post Producer 后期制片:小雨 Last Weekly AD … »

​Weekly AD|Wieden + Kennedy x Eagle Media 鹰美 x Reynald Gresset

   CREDITS 制片团队  Client 客户: 北京环球度假区 Agency 代理商: Wieden + Kennedy Production House 制作公司: Eagle Media 鹰美 Head of Production 制作总监:陈凯祈 Executive Producer 监制:蔡佩娟 Line Producer 执行监制:佟美佳 Assistant Producer 监制助理:曾倩欣 Director Producer 导演制片:Louis Saint-Calbre Production Manager 制片经理:李佳 Producers 制片组:阎伟俊 汤笑鸣 钱仲夷 石斌 郭洋 … »

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