Last call for FilmLight Colour Awards submissions

FilmLight,one of the industry’s leaders in colour management technology, has launched a new global competition honouring colourists and the art of colour worldwide. With four categories, including ‘Commercial Films’, the Film Light Colour Awards gives Chinese talent an opportunity of global recognition and is … »

“Frenemies,” W+K Sitcom-styled Gaming Campaign

  Are your gaming friends really your friends? That’s what W+K Shanghai is trying to answer with their latest campaign for HP OMEN, one of China’s leading brands of gaming computers. 你的队友算是你真正的朋友吗?为了回答这个问题,W+K上海联手知名游戏本品牌惠普OMEN拍摄了一系列十分有趣的广告大片。 Frenemies, brought to life by production house The Pandemic Story, sheds light onto the … »

​Weekly AD|英雄联盟 x Eagle Media 鹰美 x 徐王良

     CREDITS 制片团队  Client 客户:腾讯 英雄联盟 Production House 制作公司: Eagle Media 鹰美广告 Director 导演: 徐王良 DOP 摄影指导: 姚金利 Head of Production 制作总监: Iris 陈凯祈 EP 监制: KO Assistant Producer 监制助理: Cynthia Producer 制片: 李佳/阎伟俊 1st ED 执行导演: Gobby阎蓉 1st AD 副导演: Jerry张宁豪 Art Director 美术指导:邢俊 Gaffer 灯光: 王金东 Stylist … »

Animated love language of Burberry|博柏利的动画“爱语”

In a tidal wave of love-themed commercials for Chinese Valentine’s Day or Qixi Festival, luxury brand Burberry’s campaign stands out. Unlike Gucci or Louis Vuitton, Burberry did not present its limited clothing collection with a traditional fashion film and unlike Dior, they did not use celebrities. … »

Weekly AD|Jack Wolfskin x W x 龙远程

     CREDITS 制片团队  Client 客户: Jack Wolfskin Agency 代理商: W EP 监制: 李达 Producer 制片: 李李 Director 导演: 龙远程 DoP 摄影指导: 夏菲 1Asistant director 副导演: 容波饭 Art Director 美术指导: 田杞翾 Miniature Models Production 微缩模型制作: 开悟效果工作室(李明洋、董岩) Gaffer 灯光: 康大兵 Editor 剪辑师: 容波饭 Color 调色: 俞勇美 3D 三维: 班长_captain Sound 声音: 张炎   Last Weekly … »

Weekly AD|Adidas Terrex x Studio Gumwap x Roni Shao

   CREDITS 制片团队  Client 客户: Adidas TERREX Agency 代理商: Studio Gumwap Production House 制作公司: Studio Gumwap EP 监制: Nico Yan Line Producer 执行制片: Kyd Gao Director 导演: Roni Shao DoP 摄影指导: Stevo 1Asistant director 副导演: Nemo Gaffer 灯光: 马八平 1st AC摄影大助: 张诚 Color 调色: Nicola@MPC Editor 剪辑:GUMLAB Post House 后期制作:GUMLAB Music … »

Stig&Xi — An Agency with a Startup Approach|Stig&Xi – 集聚创业精神的公司

A fifteen-second storyline pitch about Stig&Xi would go somewhat like this: eight years ago, two people from two different parts of the world and diverse professional backgrounds met. They imagined a new type of company, innovative, flexible, and tech-infused. In 2018, they finally … »

Weekly AD|腾讯-和平精英 x Red Horse Film 赤马传媒

 CREDITS 制片团队  Client:腾讯-和平精英 Production:Red Horse Film 赤马传媒 EP:Iris Yang (杨粤) Production Manager:陈超 Producer:王雨珩 杨宗岳 韩通 Director:徐王良 1st AD:H (胡晓晨) DP:姚金利 Gaffer:肖龙 Art Director:邢俊 Stylist:李纳 Production Runner:七众 Post Producer:Iris Yang \ 王雨珩 Offline:康康 \ 江顺(15秒开屏) TC:YC (光耀team) CG:cgfish (陈刚team) \52hz (王浩龙team:小鸡+滑板部分) … »

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