First Sephora TVC in China | 丝芙兰中国广告首秀

French beauty chain Sephora launched its first ever television commercial made for Mainland China this week, with 60-seconds of mixed-media eye candy in which in-vogue singer, actor and model, Z.Tao| 法国化妆品零售连锁丝芙兰本周首次推出大陆电视广告,60秒的混合媒体风格广告由时尚歌手、演员和模特黄子韬出演 … »

Weekly AD | 「陪伴爱的每一程」MINDVIEW 心观广告 x DGROUPMEDIA 大圈影视 x Continental 德国马牌轮胎

Credits 制片团队 Client | 客户:Continental 德国马牌轮胎 Creative & Account Team | 代理、创意:MINDVIEW 心观广告 Production | 出品:DGROUPMEDIA 大圈影视 Executive Producer | 监制:Howie EP Assistant | 监制助理:莉莉 Director | 导演:席世伟 1st AD | 副导:大河马 Producer | 制片:大奔、曹瑞 Photographer | 摄影:大队长 Lighting Engineer … »

Ciclope roundup 2018

It’s exciting to see so many entries and so much support coming from the market | 中国作品入围数目之多,对广告节支持力度之大,这是很令人激动的。 … »

Weekly AD | 「寻味全球」

Stink Films Shanghai X Alibaba Juhuasuan Credits 制片团队 客户 Client: 阿里巴巴聚划算 Alibaba Juhuasuan 代理商 Agency: 上海ONENINE 代理商创意和业务 Creative & Account Team: Guan / Dandy Lee 制作方 Production Company: Stink Films Shanghai 导演 Director: Yukihiro Shoda 总经理和监制 Managing Director & EP: Desmond Loh … »

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