Connecting Culturally in China | 在戛纳的“中国文化连接”座谈会

​We can’t help but notice that hardly a week can pass in which a Western brand doesn’t offend Chinese consumers. SHP+ has already reported on these issues on numerous occasions, most recently in the Cancel Culture piece. And interestingly enough, … »

An Oreos Game of Thrones | Oreos的《权力的游戏》

Blue Focus and Red Horse media tasked Republic Studios with the enormous job of animating the construction of the Forbidden City using only Oreos in just one month. Using the title sequence of Game of Thrones as a guide, Oreo … »

A Hard Day in the Cannes Life of Maggie Cheung

If you don’t want to spend a whopping 4000 Euro on the Festival badge, what else you can do in Cannes? Well, you could easily have approached the Festival like Maggie Cheung of Red Horse Film – meet people, network, … »

Does China play it down at Cannes? | 中国在戛纳节的地位下降了?

The 2019 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity opened this week and will run for five days celebrating “the value of creativity in branded communications”. Billed as an exchange between brands, creative agencies, professionals and opinion leaders, the festival aims to … »

Weekly AD |「膨胀的十倍」 OPPO x MATCH 马马也 x SMOOTH

OPPO x MATCH 马马也 x SMOOTH CREDITS 制片团队 客户 Client:OPPO 代理 Agency:MATCH马马也 制片公司 Production House : SMOOTH 导演 Director :张大鹏 摄影 DOP:冯百钦 调色 Colour : 八爪乔工作室 剪辑 Editing:董北 作曲 Composer:吴东伟  

Weekly AD |「用AI 消除障碍」百度Baidu x 有点意思 Interesting x 思跃Spark Lab

百度Baidu x 有点意思 Interesting x 思跃Spark Lab CREDITS 制片团队 客户 Client:百度Baidu 代理 Agency:有点意思 Interesting 制片公司 Production House : 思跃Spark Lab 导演 Director :曾燕云 摄影 DOP:张艺潇 灯光 Gaffer :傅建华 制片 Producer:小A 调色 Colour  : Craft Creations 美术 Art : 刘萍 剪辑 Editing:应晓东 调色TC:在野耶 录音 Mixer:沈骏    

Sensitivity in Chinese ads | 争议的广告在中国

Social media is undeniably a means for people to come together and express opinions. And the opinions expressed often evoke rage and heated discussions – particularly if you are a celebrity, influencer or a brand you can really be called … »

Boxing Cat Superhero Obliterates Ordinary Beer In New Animated Campaign | 超级英雄拳击猫全新初代啤酒动画广告

Boxing Cat Brewery launched its new Amber Lager campaign this week, centered around an action packed animated film about a superhero cat boxer intent on ridding China’s cities of mundane beer, one haymaker at a time. | 在2019年6月3号的上海,拳击猫啤酒新推出了本周琥珀拉格啤酒,以纵情狂欢主题歌曲风开场的动画电影为中心,故事围绕着一只超级英雄拳击猫醉心于找到一酷到底的酒而摆脱平凡的大众酒而展开。 … »

Weekly AD |「假如宇宙是个粽子」五芳斋 x SociaLab 环时互动 x 1LIN1 Studios

五芳斋 x SociaLab 环时互动 x 1LIN1 Studios CREDITS 制片团队 客户 Client:五芳斋 代理 Agency:SociaLab 环时互动 制片公司 Production House : 1LIN1 Studios 导演 Director :LIN 特效团队Special-effects:RUSH MEDIA 制片 Producer:Shaun 调色 Colour  : Craft Creations 美术指导 Art Director : 绘马视觉  

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